About Me

About Riselle Image with Pandasal the Panda
Hi everyone! I’m Riselle and I’m a Filipino-American designer based in Los Angeles. My passion for art and design dates back to my childhood – doodling on Microsoft Paint and watching cartoons.

What started out as a daily social media posts of my illustrations in 2016 is now Hello Riselle | Art + Shop! This is where I like to bring my illustrations of chubby animals and whimsical designs to life through enamel pins, stickers, washi tapes, and more— with the aim of bringing you uncontrollable gigil* & warm fuzzies.✨

Like most small shops, I’m a one woman show! I do everything in my home studio from designing products, product shoots, packing orders, marketing, customer service, and everything else in between.

Thank you for following and supporting my work. I wouldn’t be here without you all cheering me on!
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*Gigil is a Filipino word used to describe the overwhelming feeling that comes over us when we see something cute.